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The House passed a massive expansion of gambling on Monday — including harness racing and slot machines at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield — after years of rejection in that chamber of the General Assembly.


Fernand Gabriel driving a Mors in Paris-Madrid 1903

The start

Auto racing began almost immediately after the construction of the first successful petrol-fuelled autos. In 1894, the first contest was organized by Paris magazine Le Petit Journal, a reliability test to determine best performance. That first race now is called Paris to Rouen 1894. Competitors included factory vehicles from Karl Benz’s Benz & Cie. and Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach’s DMG.

A year later the first real race was staged in France, from Paris to Bordeaux. First over the line was Émile Levassor but he was disqualified because his car was not a required four-seater.

An international competition began with the Gordon Bennett Cup in auto racing.

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The first auto race in the United States, over a 54.36 mile (87.48 km) course, took place in Chicago, Illinois on November 2, 1895, Frank Duryea winning in 10 h and 23 min, beating three petrol-fuelled cars and two electric. The first trophy awarded was the Vanderbilt Cup.

City to city racing

With auto construction and racing dominated by France, the French automobile club ACF staged a number of major international races, usually from or to Paris, connecting with another major city in Europe or France.

These very successful races ended in 1903 when Marcel Renault was involved in a fatal accident near Angouleme in the Paris-Madrid race. Eight fatalities caused the French government to stop the race in Bordeaux and ban open-road racing.


The 1930s saw the radical differentiation of racing vehicles from high-priced road cars, with Delage, Auto Union, Mercedes-Benz, Delahaye and Bugatti constructing streamlined vehicles with engines producing up to 450 kW(612HP) with the aid of multiple superchargers. From 1928-1930 and again in 1934-1936, the maximum weight permitted was 750 kg(1654Lbs), a rule diametrically opposed to current racing regulations. Extensive use of aluminium alloys was required to achieve light weight, and in the case of the Mercedes, the paint was removed to satisfy the weight limitation, producing the famous Silver Arrows.

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Online Casino Betting Strategies


The objective of an online casino betting strategy is to maximise your chances of making a profit in the long term. Most of these strategies take the form of an algorithm, which is simply a set of rules, which allow you to select the optimum bet as a function of the outcome of previous bets. There are a large number of such strategies out there, so we will restrict ourselves to looking at one or two examples.

The most famous of all such strategies is the martingale system. The simplest implementation of this is in a game with more or less even chances of winning, for instance betting on a colour or and odd or even number at roulette.

Here the algorithm is simplicity itself. If you lose a bet then you should double your stake on the following bet. If you win you should return to your initial bet. This way, the theory goes; you will always eventually win back your original loss.

The problem with this system is that even with an ‘even’ game your chances of making a large number of sequential losses are not diminishing small. If your bet was £1 then by the time you had lost 20 times you would be down £512 and if you lost 20 times in succession you would be looking at a loss of half a million. Would you really bet £512 for a 50:50 chance to win back £1? Chances would be you had exceeded the house limit and would not be permitted to do so.

Another system is d’Alembert. This is based on the belief that if the roulette wheel results in a number of sequential reds then the chances of the next spin being a black is increased. This belief is also known as the Gambler’s Fallacy and it is incorrect.

A system that is counter to Martingale is the Paroli system. With this you increase your bet after a win and decrease it after a loss. It is an attempt to capture winning streaks and minimise losing ones.

The Parlay system is quite similar to this though a little more complicated. If you win then next you bet your winnings plus your original stake. It is a little like an accumulator and can be great fun. You need to set yourself an objective and stop when your reach it. Thus you stand a real chance of winning a significant sum of money whilst risking very little.

In order to best increase you winning potential then you should look for a good casino bonus. There are plenty around there for you to check out.